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Firefighting pump systems

NFPA20, Heavy duty firefighting pump skid designed for automatic quick response action - European standard with flow rate up to 5000GPM and pressure up to 25 BAR - 50HZ or 60HZ 

◆ Fire pumps are designed for whole operational life, the maximum reliability is always the first priority               

 The components affixed onto a steel framing structure

 Each controller has its own individual pressure sensing line

 The suction line should never include a strainer

  Check valve and butterfly valve in the discharge line

  NFPA 20 not allows suction from negative level for end suction and split case pumps

When pressure drops below the set value, jockey starts running with the

signal from the pressure switch and continues running for 10 minutes till

the system pressure reaches the set value. If the pressure continues drop,

first the main pump starts to run. If the system pressure cant supply and

pressure continues drop, the standby pump starts to run.

NEW- Electronic control panels for pumps in fire fighting systems according to UNI EN 12845 European norm


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